What The Gals Have Been Up To This School Hols

We were supposed to make a trip back to Ipoh early this week but had to call it off when Baby’s urine looked very suspicious of an impending UTI. Thank God, her pee looks clearer since yesterday. You can hop over to my health blog to read more about what I have been feeding her to clear her urine.

As for my 2 older girls, especially Alycia, I give them Math sums to practise everyday. Alycia has to practise her Ejaan and Ting Xie for next week. I am also making her memorize multiplication by 5 so that she knows how to tell the time. Randomly, I practise sukukata with her. Alycia’s getting lazier during the school hols and I need to scare her / exaggerate a wee bit by telling her that if she fails the Linus exam, she will be put in a special school for the slow learners, which would be very embarassing. My mil has also been coaching the girls Mandarin.

Here, Sherilyn is practising her hairdressing skill on Baby. She would try to practise her coiffuring skill on my hair or Baby’s hair at every chance she could seize! She even put a small blanky on Baby as a makeshift hair saloon drape.

As for Baby, she is getting naughtier and naughtier each day. Her Terrible Twos symptoms are now displayed loud and clear. Thank God I have a helper to help me handle her as she is getting really handful and definitely not easy to manage or to get her to do anything now, especially peeing / poo poo in the potty. In this pic, kakak is blowing a bubble (those gooey liquid that can be blown into a bubble with a short straw) for Baby.  These days,  Kakak has to help me entertain/distract Baby all the time so that I can get some work done on the computer. Otherwise, this baby monkey will climb on table tops, sofa tops and chairs. Just yesterday she fell off the couch and chair twice.

Guess what Alycia found hidden in rascal #2’s school bag? A handful of punched paper wastes! Don’t know why lar she wants to bring those punched papers to school, silly Sherilyn!

The school hols is coming to an end and guess what? I’m glad that it’s going to end soon coz with 3 monkeys at home 24/7, I am going nuts!

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