Baby Going For A Minor Eye Surgery Tomorrow

Notice the red bump on Baby’s lower right eyelid? Well, it’s called a Chalazion. We brought her to see the eye specialist at ISEC today and she’ll be in for a minor surgery first thing tomorrow morning to clear up the pus.  She has to fast too from 5am tomorrow.  This will be Baby’s 3rd surgery in one year… and I will have to relive my nightmare of putting her onto the OT table again tomorrow 🙁 

Do hop over to my health blog to read more.

Updated on Friday, 26 March 2010 12:02am – hop over to my other blog to view pix of Baby at ISEC before and after the Chalazion eye surgery.

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Guess Who Had A Bad Temper tantrum?

Guess who threw into a fits and lay on the floor face down, with her face on the floor mat? And she just lay there like a statue on the floor for a good half an hour, not exactly crying but just being sulky and refused to eat dinner.   Don’t play cheat by looking at the labels at the end of my post ar 🙂

When Baby saw her jie jie throwing tantrums, she said “jie jie notti!” LOL!!

For those of you who like eating pizza, check out my other blog to see how my mil made healthy homemade pizzas.

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