Baby’s 2nd Day Post Eye Surgery

Today is the second day after Baby’s Chalazion eye surgery. The right eye is no longer red and swollen. It looks near perfect, except for a tiny scab right under the eye lid.

This morning I brought the 3 girls for a walk to the market-on-van to get some meat and veggie. Then we walked to the shops to get some noodles and kuih. When we reached home, I placed the kuihs on the dining table and then went into the bathroom. When I came out from the bathroom, I saw Baby standing on the chair with both her elbows placed on the dining table, and her her mouth was full, so full she could barely mouth it… and grated coconut all was all over her mouth and on the table. She had climbed up the dining table, grabbed the ondeh-ondeh kuih, opened the plastic box and gobbled down 1 ondeh-ondeh. Gosh, she looked terribly cute muahahahahahah, like someone who had not eaten for days. Truth is, last night she refushed to eat her dinner and only drank soup.

I just had to snap pix of this rascal coz she looked too funny and cute.

Lately, we have to be extra cautious of what we place on the dining table. Baby now loves climbing up the table like a stray dog scavenging for food and drinks (and bones too!) just when we are off our guard.

Today Baby has been driving me up the wall with her rebellion and persistant refusal to drink her formula milk. But despite all the headaches and backaches that she’s causing me, I thank God that she’s now healthy and active. Her surgery 2 days ago had put me back into perspective. Before and during the surgery on Thursday morning, I told God that I do not mind Baby driving me up the wall. As long as He brings Baby back to me safely, I will be very thankful to Him.

See the toy parrot on the table?  This toy is awesome and has been making everyone in the house clap hands, bang on the table top and shout.  Stay tuned for my next post on this toy parrot!

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