New Bicycles For Alycia and Sherilyn

Daddy had promised Sherilyn that he will buy her a bicycle for her 5th birthday recently. But when he brought her to Toys R Us last month, there wasn’t any suitable bicycles. Last Sunday after having buffet lunch at Xenri Japanese restaurant, daddy went round searching for a bicycle shop and finally found one along Old Klang Road.

Not only did he buy a bicycle for Sherilyn, he also bought one for Alycia. I told Alycia that the bicycle will be her 7th birthday pressie in advance. Her birthday is only in December but I am very certain that daddy will soon forget about the bicycle and get her another birthday pressie.

The gals trying out the bicycles.

Baby loved this bicycle but it will be too much for daddy to pay for 3 bicycles. Moreover she can have Sherilyn jie jie’s tricycle and Alycia jie jie’s pink scooter all to herself now.

Sherilyn on her new bicycle. Daddy also bought them each a helmet – Alycia a red spiderman helmet and Sherilyn a pink girlish helmet.

Alycia on her new bicycle.

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