CNY Cookies Almost Finishing

There are 5 more days to CNY and we are almost finishing the cookies and chips that I have bought.  I have bought a jar of homemade peanut cookies, a jar of almond-oats-cranberry cookies (all homemade by hub’s aunty),  a jar of almond-coffee cookies (already finished), 2 jars of arrow head chips (already chomped down 1 jar), a jar of lotus root chips (1/2 jar already in our tummies) and a huge packet of roasted almonds (1/2 packet gone).  I have ordered 2 more jars of green peas cookies which will only arrive on Monday.

To counter heatiness, I have been boiling barley water for everyone and I think it really does help prevent heatiness.  I alternate between ‘sang soke yee mai’ and regular barley everyday.

Have you started munching on your CNY goodies yet?  It’s really hard to resist eating them when you see them all nicely displayed on the table.

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