Lion Dance Head

During the Chinese New Year, daddy brought home a liondance head from his shop. The gals who have always been intrigued with liondance were tickled pink to see the liondance head.

Alycia wasted no time and kept playing with the liondance head but Sherilyn was terrified of it. She would scream and cry each time Alycia got near her with the liondance head.  She would run and hide behind the couch….

and run to me and my mum. After several days, she finally overcame her phobia of the liondance head and started playing with it.

Alycia, Sherilyn and granny having fun with the liondance head.

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9 thoughts on “Lion Dance Head

  1. During CNY, there was a lion dance performance at the shopping complex near my place. Must have stood too near the drums and cymbals because when the performance starts, my son begged me to get him out of there!

  2. Wah.. ur mom has vy good stamina… can play liondance with them. Maybe when didi is a lil older, will get 1 for the kids – 1 to be the head, the other be the body.
    Btw, a simple tag for u here.

  3. The kids are so cute playing with their granny.During CNY I didnt managed to see any lion dance and my kids have not seen the life performance before. Only those from videos only. 🙁

  4. My twin boys love the lionhead too n theirs look similar to ur gals one. It’s pretty cheap to but from the shop selling Chinese prayer stuff rather than buying from supermarket like TESCO. V got ours for only RM50 for a large one. More pics can be found from my blog

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