Alycia, My Super Sensitive Child

I never imagined that Alycia would cry when Sherilyn said “I don’t friend you” over dinner yesterday.  Since attending pre-school, they are very fond of saying “I friend you” and “I don’t friend you“.   Alycia has even picked up the line “I will shoot you with my gun”… which I will also chide her off for saying it.

Last night during dinner, the 2 gals were quarelling.  When Sher said “I don’t friend you, I friend kakak and mummy”, Alycia was very upset.  She was so upset that she put her head on her hands, with her head bowed down and didn’t want to eat dinner, though mah mah had cooked many tasty dishes.  Her eyes were all red and she tried hard not to burst into tears.  I then told her “I friend you and I love you ok?” but she was still very, very upset.  I then asked Sher to say “I friend you” to Alycia which she did but Alycia was still very upset and continued to put her head on her hands and bowed her head lol!

When I asked Sher to say sorry to Alycia and to give Alycia  a hug, which Sher did, Alycia burst into tears!  I never imagined this to happen  and this shows that Alycia loves Sher a lot and values their friendship and sisterhood very much.  I then tried to placate her and gave her a cookie and reassured her that everyone loves her, including Sher. 

This morning, Sher woke up very early and went to mah mah’s room (Alycia slept with her mah mah last night) and I could hear laughter again. They are now back to normal and very chummy with each other again!  Aren’t they just too funny?

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Our Sunday

Our initial plan today was to pack home some hawkers’ food to eat after church.  But when I was lost for ideas on what to eat, hubby brought us to Jaya 1 in PJ, the nearest place to our church.  As usual, Alycia and Sher voted to eat pasta and spaghetti, one of their all-time favorites.  So we went to Santini and had Italian food.

Alycia and Sher were tickled pink to see the chefs making pizza and putting the pizzas into a huge stove with flame.

Halfway through lunch, Sher my trouble-maker spilt water AGAIN.  This time, she stood up on her chair and toppled her water tumbler with her hand… and the water went pouring all over my dress!  You tell me, how not to be mad with her?  This brat spills water 9 out of 10 times she drinks water, unless I stand next to her and watch her drink or hold the cup for her.

Do check out my other blog to see what we ordered from Santini.

After lunch, hubby sent me and Baby C home first as I had to feed baby her meds.  Hubby then brought the 2 older girls to RT, our favorite bakery to buy me my favorite multi-grain and seeds bread.  I’m going to eat bread for dinner tonight.  Next hubby brought the the gals to Guardian to get baby shampoo and hubby took the opportunity to buy his princesses something.  He grabbed the chance to quickly buy this gadget for the gals since I wasn’t around to stop him!   I shall blog about it in my next post.   

Hubby also brough Sher to the clinic again (the 3rd time in 2.5 weeks).  This is the first time Sher is having such a bad cough and runny nose.  I had expected this to happen since she’s just started pre-school.

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