My Self-Defense Gadget

Many of my friends will express their concern whenever I tell them that I go for my daily morning run between 7am-7:30am each day. I used to run even earlier when I was still employed. I would start running at 6am each day for half an hour, rushed home for a bath, got myself ready for work and reached office by 8am. My friends always ask me if I bring any self-defense weapon or gadget with me when I run in the morning as it is dangerous for a woman to be running alone so early in the morning. Of course I do. I never leave my house to run without the pepper spray. I used to hold a baton but ever since the hubs got me a pepper spray, I’ve been keeping this handy gadget in my pocket each time I go out to run around the neighborhood. This pepper spray not only helps me ward off bad hats and perverts, but also crazy dogs let loose my some irresponsible owners. My kids and I were once chased by a crazy dog let loose by its owner and that gave us a scare of our lives. We had forgotten to bring an umbrella or the pepper spray with us and we ran for our dear lives as fast as we could! Luckily the dog stopped chasing us after a while. If ever I am bitten by this crazy dog, I will definitely get a good personal injury lawyer, like the Austin Personal Injury Lawyer to sue the owner off his pants and get compensation from this irresponsible owner.

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Baby C Trying To Do Somersaults… And Sherilyn Can Fix A Jigsaw Puzzle

My samseng Baby C loves attempting to do somersaults whenever she’s placed in her crib or on her cheh cheh’s queen sized mattress.  Here are some of her stunts (it wasn’t easy to snap these 2 stunts and I’d taken more than 10 snapshots before I finally captured her in action) :

I’m almost rolling forward mummy, I just need to push my head down a little more….

Alycia snapped this pic… she has really good photography skill!

Trying to cross from one mattress to the other…

Getting a hug from her favorite cheh cheh…

For the past few days, Baby C is attempting to pull herself up the crib and she can even stand for a few seconds on her own by holding onto the crib railing. Looks like she will start cruising soon. Uh-oh, I think it’s too soon to cruise baby, you should crawl more… good for the development of your brain baby!

Notice my lil missy Sherilyn on the right?  She can now fix the whole Starfall jigsaw puzzle by herself.  I started her late on jigsaw puzzle as I have been too busy with Baby C since her arrival 6 months ago.  But Sher sure got the hang of fixing a jigsaw puzzle fast and after 2-3 nights of attempts and ‘training’ from Alycia, she finally got it right!

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Who Rules The TV And Astro Remote Control?

When your kids fight with you over the TV and Astro remote control, who win? In my case, my kids normally win. They rule when it comes to deciding which channel to watch and I let it be as I have many other better things to do than to sit and watch TV. I wish I had more time to watch the TV but these days, my hands are really tied with Baby C. This afternoon, I was listening to the radio on my TV via Astro. When Alycia came back from pre-school, she grabbed the Astro remote control and pressed 707. Yes, this brat knows that channel 707 is for Travel & Living and she loves watching travelogues as well as cook shows. That’s my favorite channel too and we all love to watch Samantha Brown, Nigella, Kellie Kwong, Anthony Bourdain and other famous cooks with their fascinating travels round the globe cooking up a storm and tasting sumptuous and exotic food.

Anyway, what came on was a travelogue on America. It featured the beautiful Hawaii and also New York City. I stopped working on the computer for a moment and joined her in the show. I was mesmerized by the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and the shopping in New York City. In one scene, I saw a group of tourists on a New York Bus Charter touring New York City through the eyes of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte on this ‘Sex & the City’ photo tour of Manhattan. I can never resist watching travelogues and I can only daydream of the day when I can finally visit those countries shown on travelogues. So back to my question. Who wins when it comes to ruling the TV and Astro remote control? You, your kids or your other half?

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