Who Rules The TV And Astro Remote Control?

When your kids fight with you over the TV and Astro remote control, who win? In my case, my kids normally win. They rule when it comes to deciding which channel to watch and I let it be as I have many other better things to do than to sit and watch TV. I wish I had more time to watch the TV but these days, my hands are really tied with Baby C. This afternoon, I was listening to the radio on my TV via Astro. When Alycia came back from pre-school, she grabbed the Astro remote control and pressed 707. Yes, this brat knows that channel 707 is for Travel & Living and she loves watching travelogues as well as cook shows. That’s my favorite channel too and we all love to watch Samantha Brown, Nigella, Kellie Kwong, Anthony Bourdain and other famous cooks with their fascinating travels round the globe cooking up a storm and tasting sumptuous and exotic food.

Anyway, what came on was a travelogue on America. It featured the beautiful Hawaii and also New York City. I stopped working on the computer for a moment and joined her in the show. I was mesmerized by the beautiful beaches of Hawaii and the shopping in New York City. In one scene, I saw a group of tourists on a New York Bus Charter touring New York City through the eyes of Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte on this ‘Sex & the City’ photo tour of Manhattan. I can never resist watching travelogues and I can only daydream of the day when I can finally visit those countries shown on travelogues. So back to my question. Who wins when it comes to ruling the TV and Astro remote control? You, your kids or your other half?

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