My 2 Earnest Helpers

My 2 older gals can be of great help to me when it comes to handling and minding Baby C, especially Alycia, who takes my requests seriously, most of the time.  As for Sherilyn, she is always very playful.  Sometimes she would ignore my requests and most times, she would create havoc rather than lend a helping hand.  Today, she bounced the bouncinet so hard that Baby C was almost thrown off the bouncinet!  However, sometimes the both of them can really make my day.  

This afternoon, after Baby C had done her poopie business, I wiped the poop off her bum. I then asked Alycia, my regular helper to help me hold the water faucet in the bathroom whilst I washed Baby C’s bum.  Today, Alycia quickly enlisted the help of Sher and asked her to bring the nappy…. which Sher happily did and waited with the nappy draped across her shoulder, outside the bathroom.  After washing baby’s bum, I asked Alycia to wash baby’s hands and feet, which she did quite well.  Then I asked Sher to wipe baby’s feet and hands, which she also did pretty well.  With these 2 rascals helping me, the back-breaking chore of washing up baby’s bum can be quite a breeze…. though my back would still hurt as carrying a near 7kg weight with both hands and washing her bum simultaneously with my back bent can be very strenuous on my back. If only my 2 rascals could willingly and earnestly help me all the time, my back wouldn’t hurt so badly at the end of the day, everyday.  

We brought Baby C to see the pediatric surgeon at SJMC today.  Find out the outcome of our second consultation with the pediatric surgeon at my health blog.

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Really Warm-Blooded

Baby C’s body is always hot and she sweats really easily. When she was a newborn, I used to put on long-sleeved rompers for her at night but now, I have to let her wear short-sleeved t-shirts with holes and long pants with holes  at night…. and she sleeps in an air-conditioned room with the temperature set to the lowest at 20 degrees Celsius! The ceiling fan also has to be switched on for at least a couple of hours to cool her body down before I switch it off each night. Even with such a low temperature in the room, she still sweats profusely, especially on her head as she has such thick hair. I wonder if there’s anything wrong with her body or is this condition caused by her kidney reflux. I don’t remember this happening to Alycia or Sherilyn when they were a baby. I’ve asked our doctor and she said there’s nothing to worry about as some babies have very high metabolic rate.

I guess Baby C takes after me as my body is also hot all the time. Anyone who touches my hands would be alarmed that they are really hot and would think that I am running a fever. When I was in Australia, I can even wear just a t-shirt under a sweater during winter without the need to turn on the Oliefyr or wear layers of thermal wear. I guess that’s just how my body is… I am just a very warm-blooded and warm person!

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