A Cheque From Google… Finally

After having the Google Adsense ads on my Blogspot blog for 16 long months, I finally got my loooooooong awaited first cheque from Google, amounting to USD122.13!  Earnings are moving at snail’s pace but at least I don’t have to do anything, yet get paid, in USD that is.  This cheque motivates me to create a few more niche blogs to monetize my blogs from Adsense!   No wonder some people can have hundred over blogs and earn a 5-figure income every month.  Samm, I must learn from you! 

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My ‘Vampire’ Tooth

One of the many things on my wish-list is to realign my left tooth as well as to zoom whiten all my teeth. I have what people call a ‘vampire tooth’ jutting out on my left when I smile. Many people have told me that I look cute with that tooth but I prefer not to have that tooth jutting out, though it is not very conspicuous. I prefer to have a set of straight, white and sparkling teeth when I smile or laugh. It ain’t cheap to have these cosmetic services done to my teeth but if I have the extra moolah, I will find a good dentist, just like the San Diego Cosmetic Dentist to have my teeth transformed into a set of white, flawless and straight pearly whites!  

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