Baby C Is 6 Months Old Today

How time flies, my baby is 6 months old today.  Baby C is one very, very cheeky baby. She’s always very curious, alert and observant. When she’s brought to a place where she’s never been before, she will inspect the place with great intent with her eyes. 

When it comes to nursing her, I have to nurse her in a quiet place with no distraction or noise, especially without her 2 older sisters around, else I would have to cover her eyes and ears with my hand so that she can’t see or hear her sisters talking or laughing, coz she never wants to be left out in all the fun …. definitely no TV turned on when nursing her, otherwise her head would turn towards the direction of the TV too. 

No point putting the cot bumper on her crib coz cheeky baby would untie the strings and play with the bumper…

The cheeky face…

Sher and Baby C rushing to grab my camera pouch left on my bed….and Baby C was real agile!

Do you believe that when your baby hiccups, she/he is bound to poo poo very soon?  I believe in it 100%!

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