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When my former maid was around, I didn’t have to help her out or supervise her much when it comes to organizing the household and cooking. Whenever I bought meat back from the market or supermarket, she would know what to do. With this super blur maid, I have to label all the meat that I have bought like this :

If I don’t label the meat, she would not know what meat is inside each plastic bag as all the meat look alike when they are frozen. With the labeling, it is easy for her and for me to find the type of meat that we want to cook and we will know when the meat was bought coz it’s always first in first out.

My maid putting fresh fish paste into containers before labeling them and freezing them.

Do you label your meat too before freezing them?

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6 thoughts on “Labeling Of Meat

  1. As I bought most of my groceries frm supermarket every weekend, they have expiry date and name of the item on the price label. The fish and chicken will also be clean n cut at the supermarket. My maid just need to rinse them when i arrive home and put bck into the plastic bag with label b4 keeping them into the freezer.

  2. when i used to hv maid, i wll use tupperware containers to separate those meats. if pork for soup i wld tell her to put a rubberband around the container to distinguish fr other pork meat. i dont mince the meat first, i wld separate all the meat to smaller pieces n when i wanna cook, i wld tell maid to take them out to blend. ya, ur maid super blur, like labelling pumped breastmilk only..LOL…

  3. Yup…I don’t label it cause I know which meat is for what since I do it all by myself without assistant. But, I know that when you buy meat back from shop/wet market, you shouldn’t wash it cause it won’t last long (??) I’m not sure how true it is…but, I do separate into small plastic or tupperware to keep

  4. Ur maid can read english? Mine one i dont think she can read, even if i label the meat. But so far i think mine one is easier..only soup bone, pork chop or mince meat, so she know.

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