Update On Baby C’s MCUG Scan

The MCUG scan went smoothly today.  As expected, Baby remembered the procedures room in the pediatric ward – wailed the second she was placed on the bed.  She also remembered the X-ray room super vividly. The moment we stepped into the cold room with ginormous machines, she bawled! 

At the procedures room in the pediatric ward, it was yet another traumatic moment for Baby when the doctor inserted the IV line onto her hand for the antibiotics jab to be administered.  She screamed her lungs and throat out when the doctor inserted the catheter into her down under.   Baby clung on to daddy and me like a koala bear each time we carried her.  She looked exactly like how she looked like when she was hospitalized after her surgery in May – a face that was paralyzed with fear, eyes red and swollen and a face devoid of a smile.

In the X-ray room, she struggled.  Good thing this hospital allowed me to be with her in the X-ray room and procedures room, unlike other hospitals that have rules of not allowing the mother/father in.  My presence, singing and talking to Baby throughout her ordeal did help allay Baby’s fears.

After 2 hours of anxious waiting, I finally heard the best piece of news from Baby’s surgeon thus far.  When he told me “the result is fantastic”, I could not believe those words.  In fact, the good news still hasn’t sank inside me yet.  Praise the Lord Jesus, He is really great.  After going through 14 months of agony and nightmare with Baby, it feels surreal that Baby is finally well now.  I think I need time to accept the good news LOL!   I can’t believe that from today onwards, I don’t have to go through the gruelling process of feeding Baby her prophylactics antibiotics anymore every night.  I hope that Baby will not get anymore UTI attacks ever again, ever.  Our next appointment with the surgeon and for Baby to do an untrasound scan (to monitor her kidney) is in December this year.

I had taken some potshots in the pediatric ward and X-ray department today but you guys would have to wait to see them coz I had left the camera cord behind in KL, bummer!  So you guys would have to wait until this weekend to view our pix taken in Penang.  

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36 thoughts on “Update On Baby C’s MCUG Scan

  1. great t hear the good news…hugs!! A great mom will get great blessings frm God. Happy for you shireen. u can enjoy ur vacation in Penang in peace nw!

  2. whoaa.. greatest news of the day! All glory and praise to our Lord Jesus…
    Can understand too well how a parent feel when their kids are unwell…
    It must be a great relief to u.. sharing yr happiness here.. God bless….

  3. Thank God for the result, it is a real good news to all of us too..After all suffering, pain on Baby C and most important your effort in taking care of her is real paid off now… *jump for hurry*

  4. what a great news and relief to hear that! happy merdeka to you and family! i guess it is real merdeka celebration for Baby C since she will be off from her antibiotic!

  5. PTL! great news indeed. u and especially Baby C hv endured so much. I cringed when i read abt the catheter, sigh, poor baby C and i kno how much it pained u to see her go thru that. No more of that from now onwards! Yay!

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